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Mr. S.C. Chowdhary

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I welcome you all in this 36th Annual General Meeting of M.B.M. Engineering College Alumni Association. Our Association is now grown up. Continuous efforts are being made for the cause of our Alma Mater. We at Associations are making our sincere efforts on regular basis with our members located all over individually and through chapters for contributing the efforts made by the Association for upliftment of our Alma Mater. It is heartening to note that overwhelming response has been received from the members ... Read more

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Newly constructed fully furnished lecture theater in Electrical Engineering Deptt. with financial aid of Er. CM Jain(1962 batch Civil) will be inaugurated on 7th Aug 2014 at 2.00 PM by Er. CM Jain. Vice Chancellor will preside over function.

Foundation day celebration of college will be on 14th Aug 2014 from 8.30 AM onward in the college campus.

All alumni are invited.

Contribution Towards Adhoc Scholarship for the year 2013-14

As you know every year we are giving Scholarship to students of MBM Engineering College on the basis of different criterion on the basis of permanent and Adhoc basis.

This year we are going to give Scholarship in the month of March, 2014.

You might have given this type of Scholarship earlier too.

Now, we request you and your associates to kindly give one, or more than one [may be any number] Scholarship. The Scholarship can be sponsored by different Batches or Chapters also.

Kindly give your confirmation, and can send your contribution by Cash/ Cheque in favor of MBM Engineering College Alumni Association, or you may remit the amount by NEFT. The details of account are as under BANK OF BARODA, University Branch, JODHPUR India. Account Number is 05710100000259. IFSC Code is BARB0UNIJOD.

Thanking you,

With Regards,

For MBM Engineering College Alumni Association,

Er. Anil Garg

(Chairman, Scholarship Committee)