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Fast Facts

Fast Facts of MBM Engineering College Alumni Association

  • Founded : At the time of Silver Jubilee Celebration of the College in the year 1976
  • Founding efforts were made by Prof. Alam Singh, Prof. S. Divakaran, Prof. D V Talwar etc.
  • Main objectives of the Association are to promote and encourage members :
    • for brotherhood
    • for progressive activities of MBM Engg. College, and
    • to award Scholarships and Prizes to the Students
  • Constructed its own building in 1994
  • Organized Golden Jubilee of MBM in 2001 in a Grand Manner
  • Over 6000 Registered Members
  • 17 chapters are working world over
  • Celebrated its own Silver Jubilee in 2001
  • Arranged contribution for alma mater over Rs. 6.5 Crores so far
  • Distributed Scholarships to around 1000 students
  • Awarding Gold/Silver Medals to the Meritorious students through sponsors
  • Facilitates in adaption of most needy Girls students of the MBM
  • Organizing Golden Jubilee and Silver Jubilee Reunion of respective batch every year during the month of December