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History of Alumni Association


Er. R.C. Mathur, Dr. Damodar Sharma

It was the year 1976, an occasion none less than the Silver Jubilee Celebration of this college, when the Alumni Association came into existence.

It may be thought as to why the Association did not emerge out earlier than this event of the college. Though in the early sixties, late Prof. R. M. Advani, the then HOD Civil Engg. mooted the idea of forming an old Boys Association', yet it was the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of the college which gave the first proper opportunity to the alumni of this college to reassemble, make available their where-abouts & help prepare a directory of the pass-outs. This possibly could not be done earlier than this.

On this occasion, Dr. S. Divakaran, Prof. Structural Engg. Deptt. revived the proposal of Prof. R.M. Advani & played a lead role. A committee consisting of 'Old Boys' amongst teachers namely Sh. K. C. Arora, Sh. S. C. Gupta, Sh. Damodar Sharma, Sh. J. L. Kankariya, Sh. D. M. Surana & others was constituted under the stewardship of Dr. D. V. Talwar. The committee published a Directory of Degree & Diploma alumni upto the year 1975 and the first directory was distributed to all the members of the Association as well as to the staff members during the Silver Jubilee Celebration of the college. The committee contacted, motivated and enrolled members to what they christened as the 'MBM ENGINEERING COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION'.

The first election of the Association were organized under the chairmanship of Dr. Alam Singh and Dr. Dharam Vir Talwar as the convener. In the first instance the Association elected Dr. Alam Singh as President of the Association, but he modestly declined. The Association then elected Dr. S. Divakaran as the first President, Dr. D. V. Talwar as the Honorary Secretary and Prof. J. L. Kankaria as Treasurer along with the members of the Executive of the Association. On the last day of the Silver Jubilee function, the Association commenced its activity by arranging a contributory lunch in honour of Ex-Principal V. G. Garde & Mrs. Garde who had specially come to Jodhpur for this function.

The first Batch of Diploma holders completed 25 years in the year 1978 after passing out from the college. The Association organized felicitation function of this Batch. Since then, every year the Association felicitates alumni of the college batchwise completing 25 years after graduation & presents mementos. This year, on 22nd Dec. 2001 the Silver Jubilee Function of the 1976 Engineering Batch was held. Likewise the teachers completing 25 years after joining the college are also felicitated. These functions are timed along with the Annual General Meetings of the Association.

The Association awards scholarship of Rs. 2000 per annum to the ward of deceased alumnus. Many more scholarships have been instituted during the last two-decade and half period by now totaling to 32 in number. Most of these scholarships have come from the Silver Jubilee Batches. Most scholarships are Merit cum Need and Need based & four are merit awards. The scholarships are ranging from Rs. 750/- to Rs. 5500/- per annum.

A news-letter is published every year at the time of Annual General Meeting bearing the activities of the Association & highlighting the news in the college campus.

By the Golden Jubilee Year emotionally attached to their alma mater are about eleven thousand alumni who walked in their youth into its lovely corridors. The Association as of now has built up its membership to more than 5000 members. In the Golden Jubilee year the membership to the Association is sure to rise exponentially.

By now the Association has established 17 chapters in the country and 4 chapters in America & Canada. Chapters at Boston & Los-Angeles in America & at Pali (near Jodhpur) are going to be added up shortly.

In the year 1987, the University of Jodhpur with Dr. M. L. Mathur as the Vice-Chancellor, allotted land measuring 600 sq. yards to the Association. Dr. Mathur himself laid the foundation stone for the Alumni Bldg. on the 31st January 1990, on the auspicious occasion of 'Basant Panchmi'. Funds for the Alumni Building were collected during the Presidentship of Er. H. Kalla, Er. G.S. Bhandari, Er. R. C. Mathur & Er. L.L. Surana and the first phase of the Association building was completed in the period from 1990 to 1994. Since 1993 the Association is availing 80G benefits to the donors under the Income-Tax Act by having constituted a 'MBM Engineering College Welfare Trust' for the same. This Welfare Trust also awards 13 scholarships & two medals ranging from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3000/- p.a.

The Association has its membership categories as ordinary member, Life member, Fellow member, Associate member, Honorary member & Patron member. The Association has 10 Patron members viz. Er. G. M. Jain, Er. C.M. Chordia, Er. R. K. Singhal, Er. Bhanwar Lal Mohta, Er. Amaresh Mathur (U.S.A.), Er. K. M. Jain, Er. R. K. Agarwal, Er. Sohan Bhootra, Er. Narendra Kumar Pitti, Er. N. K. Jain and Er. Chander Prakash Mittal (USA).

It is worth mentioning that, the figure of more than 5000 Alumni members to this Association as on date would not have been but for the genuine efforts of late Prof. D. S. Bhandari. A true guide & beloved teacher of the students and an intensely devoted & dedicated person to the Institution & the Association. He sacrificed himself for the alma mater.

Presently, in Er. R. K. Agarwal the Association has a very dynamic President of this Association. In terms of what great poet William Shakespeare said was - one may not name the rose but none can deny its sweet smell. He and his team have greatly enthused & strengthened the Association.

The Alumni Association has also been registered as a 'Non - Profit Association' under the Rajasthan Non - Trading Companies Act, 1960.

Today the MBM Institution as well as the Alumni Association are proud that alumni from this college everywhere have earned name by their meritorious record and work par-excellence. The graduates from this college have been consistently capturing selections at the 5th to 7th rankings amongst the first ten ranks at the all India selections by the UPSC.

It is heartening that the Alumni Association is now a youth of 25 years and celebrated its Silver Jubilee along with the Golden Jubilee of its alma mater.