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Opportunities Available

Q. How many opportunities are available to payback to MBM?

Ans. : There are so many opportunities available through which you can pay back to your Alma mater. This depends, of course, to the extent you want to payback.

These are:

1. Sponsoring the whole Project :


  • Er. Chander Mittal (1963-C) has donated six rooms, One Hall for library and Personality Development in Girls Hostel No. 10. Worth Rs. 25 Lacs.
  • Er. C.M. Jain has donated fully furnished, one lecture theatre in Electrical Department worth over Rs. 15 Lacs.
  • 1978 Batch has donated fully furnished one lecture theatre in LTH Block during 2003.
  • 1985 Batch has sponsored full furnishing of Seminar Hall of the MBM and added facilities of International repute.

2. Co-sponsoring the Project :


  • Er. Chander Mittal (Civil construction), Er. Sudhir Bhandari (1872-C) (All S.S. Kitchen & Dining Hall Equipments, Accessories and Furniture) & 1959 Batch Golden Jubilant Alumni (SS Stores & Kitchen wares) were co-sponsors of Modernization & Expansion of Kitchen in Girls Hostel No. 10. The Total Cost was Rs. 21 Lacs.
  • 1979 Batch & Smt. Suryakanta Vyas MLA fund were co-sponsors of One Lecture theatre and two tutorial rooms with Varandah in LTH Block during 2004-05.
  • 1980 & 1981 Batch has co-sponsored the Construction & Air-conditioning equipments of Training and Personality Development Hall in Alumni Association.

3. Endowment Fund :


Those who are not in a position to Fully/co-sponsor the project can deposit their contribution in Endowment Fund. This fund is used by the Alumni association for the development of the alma mater.

For this fund you can deposit your contribution in Account No. 05710100000259 (in the name of MBM Engg College Alumni Association) of Bank of Baroda, University Branch, Jodhpur (IFSC CODE : BARBOUNIJOD) and a line of information to this alumni association for receipt. You can deposit amount one time – say Rs 25/50 thousands or you can deposit little contribution time to time on any good occasion e.g. Birth Day, Wedding Anniversary or New Year or else.

Please note that all the contributions are exempted under 80G of IT Act (Permission no. CIT-1/AU/CIT(TECH)2007-08/638 Dated 11/08/2007 valid from 01/04/2007 onwards).

4. Contributing to Association's Programs :

The MBM Engg College Alumni Association is not only contributing for the development of physical amenities of the Alma mater but also providing scholarships to the needy and meritorious students. It also facilitates in providing sponsored Gold/Silver medals to the meritorious students in appropriate n graceful function in the college.

The details are as follows:

(a). Sponsoring Scholarships : Every year this alumni association is distributing Permanent as well as Adhoc scholarships to the students. The details of last three year as follows :

S.No. Year Permanent Adhoc Total students benefitted Total Amount distributed
1 2012-13 46 36 82 5,23,000/-
2 2011-12 42 90 132 7,54,501/-
3 2010-11 27 49 76 3,15,600/-
4 2009-10 28 70 98 3,49,600/-

Complete details are given in the Annual News Letters.

Opportunity : You can also become a sponsorer of permanent scholarship on the name of your beloveds/Trusts. The amount distributable to the students is equal to the interest accrued annually on the deposits made by the sponsors. The min. deposit is Rs. 1.00 lac for scholarship to one student and in multiples of it can decide the number off beneficiary.

Example : Er. Sudhir Bhandari and Er. Mahaveer Kothari has sponsored no. off scholarships by depositing amount of Rs. 5.00 lacs each one. Similarly no. off Donors have deposited amount as they liked. Please decide yourself now and mail your intension or deposit the money in the Association Account.

(b). Sponsoring Gold Medals or Silver Medals to the meritorious students.
Following are the sponsors so far:

Sponsor Since Awarding Students passing Branch

Modality : The best way to ensure the continuity of your sponsorship is to deposit a sum of Rs. 2.50 Lacs to this association and interest accrued out of this deposit will decide the quality and size of the Gold Medal. The reason is obvious – the terrific increase in Gold prices day by day. The name of sponsor with photo plus name of beneficiary is normally embossed and engraved in each side of the Medal. Please contact for further details.

(c). Adoption of Girl Students :

Er. Bhanwar Lal Mohatta (1974-M) has adopted two most needy Girls students of MBM for their expenses during the engineering study. You can also join in this generous work of adopting Girls Students as much as you can and strengthen the cause of educating more and more Girls in the society for development as a whole.

(d). Becoming Patron Member :

Strengthening the Alumni Association is directly contributing in the development of our Alma mater. A weak association cann't does much for its Alma mater or even for the existence of itself.

Opportunity : To become Patron or Fellow Member of the Association by contributing one time fee of Rs. 21,000 or 5000 (As in 2012). All the Patron members are ex-officio member of the Executive Committee thus having opportunity of meeting key people and contributing their ideas in the Executive Committee meeting in day to day affairs.

(e). Any other way :

You can also innovate your own way to pay back to your alma mater or / and strengthening your own organization MBM Engg college Alumni Association.

For further queries, please contact President / Secretary of the Association