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(1) MBM Alumni Association Web Portal is revamped and is now fully operational. Members can LOGIN though Login button. Members will be required to (a) select Login Role, (b) input User ID or Email Address and (c) Password. Members will be able to view full contents of site only after login. (2) Forgot Password link is provided in LOGIN Page. member will be required to input Member Type and Registered Email Address for obtaining link for forgotten password. Initially, the Email may go to SPAM folder. In such case, first move Email to INBOX and then open it. (3) Web based Emails, for Happy Birthday Wishes, are being sent every day, from the system automatically, to members, whose birth dates and email addresses are available in the system database. (4) Members, who have recently contributed towards membership fee or Donation, should enter contribution / donation particulars and bank reference in the form CONTRIBUTION ENTRY. This form can be opened through link EXPLORE→Members→Contribution Entry. (5) Members can update their Profile Particulars through link EXPLORE→Members→Member Profile. (6) Association News can be viewed through link EXPLORE→Activities→Association News. (7) Members can enter their Comments and Suggestions for Association and Web Portal through link EXPLORE→Activities→Member Comments. (8) AGM-2021 Photos uploaded on web portal. View them in Photo Gallery Section through link EXPLORE→Activities→Photo Gallery. (9) Foundation Day 2021 photos uploaded in Gallery Section. View them through link EXPLORE→Activities→Photo Gallery.
MBM EC AA wishes Happy Wedding Anniversary to (1) Jugal Kishore Mathur B.E. Mechanical