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MBM Engineering College Alumni Association

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1969 batch Golden Jubilee Celebration

This is the ledger for 1969 batch contributions towards their golden jubilee function celebrations

0.0% Received

1993 Batch Silver Jubilee Fund (Engg Girls Hostel Contribution)

This fund is being created to enable contributions from the 1993 batch Alumni towards the ongoing Engg Girls Hostel construction.

1.2% Received

Adoption Fund

This fund is created to support the existing process of financially supporting current MBM students who are not from affluent family background. For more details on this fund, please reach out the Secratary, Alumni Association at - 

36.0% Received

Engg Girls Hostel Project Contributions

Alumni Association has taken upon itself a significantly important task of construction of a GIRLS HOSTEL for the MBM ENGG College students, exclusive for girls in the existing hostel complex of our college. 

There have been some significant contributions, most notably from Shree Cement Ltd (Rs 2 Crores) and 1968 batch (~ Rs 50 lakhs).There have been other individual contributors as well, full list of all contributions received for the Girls Hostel Project (till 4th Dec 2018) at the below link

Each room for the building costs Rs 5 lakhs (each wing costs Rs 30 lakhs) and we have at least 4 more wings (each wing has 6 rooms) to be constructed. 

It is hereby requested to all the ALUMNI of the college to generously donate for the purpose. We propose for each batch to adopt one room each and ensure the fund required is collected from the ALUMNI of the batch (if each ALUMNI contribute between Rs 5000 - 11,000), the entire contribution of Rs 5 lacs (for one room) can be collected through < 100 people.


For more details, please reach out to :

24.6% Received


Technical festivals are a great avenue for brand building of a college in today's interconnected world.

Also, these are great platforms to develop leadership and coordination skills for the students. Participating in various college activities and festivals is an excellent way that students can build their CV and show that they are capable of handling responsibility.

From raging robo-wars and complicated ornithopters to highly competitive quizzes and business plan sessions, the events, lectures and workshops involved can provide ample opportunities for the techno-enthusiast to watch, learn and apply.

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Alumni Association GUEST LECTURE FUND

Guest lectures help students improve their learning in a more interactive and topic specific manner. These sessions also help the teachers to broaden their horizon and contributes towards their knowledge.

These sessions help students to draw experiences from real life. Students have a chance to learn about the specific topic and get activelt engaged in a more aproachable way of teaching.

Guest speakers can also inspire the students to ask questions, apply new found knowledge and follow a path of life long learning. As the speakers are from multiple different disciplines, with different areas of expertise, the students get introduced to potential careers and jobs once they are out of school.

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