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Up gradation from one category of Membership to another category

As per provision, any alumni can upgrade or get new membership category.
In that case, what shall be the status of existing membership, if one upgrade from Life to Patron Member ?
The new membership of upgraded category, should be granted, immediately after realisation of requisite fees of membership, and he should be informed with membership number along with the receipt of the amount deposited by him.
Answer to this question will help to understand about the existing membership status.
In case of up gradation of membership, whether one has to give the difference of fees or the prevailing amount of fees in that particular category?
Kindly clarify it.


Dear Sir,

You are absolutely right, once a member's fee for the upgraded membership type is successfully realized in Association's account, he/she would be upgraded immediately and he/she would be provided a receipt of the same. There was a delay in your case (as with some others), due to teething issues of the new software, this has been corrected now and you are reflecting as a Patron member already. Going forward, this issue is not anticipated, as the process is automated and tested now.

Regarding your other query about the difference of fee or otherwise, please note that this is not sufficiently clear from the language of our Constitution and hence a decision of Executive committee in this regards would help. You are requested to raise this question (you yourself being an executive committee member) in the appropriate forum to have a resolution on the same.


Aditya Gupta | 17 January, 2019
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